Bronx Before / Bronx Now

A photo crowdsourcing campaign that gives you the opportunity to become a part of BIAHI’s archive.

A campaign in two parts, Bronx Before/Bronx Now aims to expand BIAHI’s digital photo collection by inviting current and former Bronx residents to share images of their neighborhood.

For Bronx Before, the team is looking for old photos you may have in your albums or collections that speak to how the Bronx has changed over the years. Submissions from any part of the Bronx are welcome, though we are particularly interested in the area surrounding Fordham University. To participate, click  here.

For Bronx Now, we are interested in your photos of the Bronx today! What do areas around Fordham University look like now? Share your best photos with us by posting them on Facebook (and tagging  @Bronx Italian American History Initiative, Fordham University) or Instagram (and tagging  @biahifordham) with the hashtag #bronxbefore #bronxnow  . Please remember to be safe and wear a mask!

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