Get involved

Here are some ways in which you can support the BIAHI and get involved in our community engagement efforts.

Make a donation

You can support us with a gift today by visiting our donation page at Fordham University.  We have a small annual operating budget that allows us to host interviews, pay student workers, make smaller equipment purchases as needed, pursue community collaborations, involve Fordham students in Bronx community heritage and outreach.

Tell others about us

Our second tip for getting involved is to spread the word about us! Tell your friends and family who might be interested in our ongoing fundraising campaign how they can contribute. The easiest way to do this is by sharing our posts on social media or relevant groups and tagging @BronxItalianAmericanHistory.

Participate in our campaigns

You can also get involved by exploring our campaigns and taking part in the ones you like! Follow us on social media in Facebook (@BronxItalianAmericanHistory) or Instagram (@biahifordham) to learn first about upcoming projects, community engaged initiatives or fundraisers.

Support the BIAHI