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Our research outputs and featured content

The Bronx Italian American History Initiative’s research outputs have been published in academic journals, presented at conferences, and featured as part of digital humanities workshops and webinars.
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NeMLA 2022 Presentations

At the Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Languages Association, March 10-13, 2022, Dr. Reich gave the keynote address for the Italian Studies area, entitled “Community Engaged Scholarship and the Bronx Italian American History Initiative” in which she urged scholars of Italian Studies to incorporate community work into their research. Dr. LaPenta’s talk, entitled “Albanian Lives/ Italian Spaces” examined the presence of Albanian immigrants in Italian neighborhoods in the Bronx in the twentieth century.

Università degli Studi di Modena Talk

The BIAHI research team gave a talk about digital scholarship to doctoral students in the humanities at the Università degli Studi di Modena on March 2, 2022. With a group of about 10 students we explored the intersections of the BIAHI and BAAHP digital archives with material archives and with food studies, and we examined the rich histories of Italians and Albanians in the Bronx.

H-Italian Diaspora Blog: On the transnational uses of oral history archives

Dr. Kathleen LaPenta discusses how as practitioners of oral histories, her and Dr. Jaqueline Reich’s work converges on the ideas of culture exchange that inhere in transnational approaches to modern Italy and in interpretations of oral histories. 

Article in the Italian American Review Vol.10

The article “Performative Ethnicity, Embodied Memory, and Oral History in Narratives from the Bronx Italian American History Initiative” by co-directors Kathleen La Penta and Jacqueline Reich was featured in the latest Italian American Review journal volumes published by John D Calandra Italian American Institute.

BIAHI at the opening panel of NYC Digital Humanities Week

BIAHI presented its stride in the sphere of digital humanities qualitative analysis on New York City’s Digital Humanities Week 2020 kick-off opening panel. One of our future research outputs is an NVivo 12 driven analysis of body language and non-verbal metadata.

BIAHI at the New York Oral Histories at Fordham Roundtable

Kathleen LaPenta and Carolyn Wiedenhoft participated in a   discussion of different oral history projects at Fordham with faculty directors and undergraduates.